parish seyclouds is a Los Angeles based rap artist,

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‘My second oldest brother passed when he was 19, but not before introducing rap and bars to me. Forever will I love him for that. ‘

while Parish was born in Meridian Mississippi in the early nineties, he was raised in California by his mother along side his four brothers.  Following his late brother's footsteps, his love of music began early childhood during the 90's rap wave, being influenced from artists like Jay-z and 50 cent. As time passed Parish's love for music progressed while discovering classic R&B. Finding inspiration in artist's like Ginuwine. Parish found his sound early on; As he relates both R&B and classic rap into his own music discoveries. This sound quickly developed into a way of life, a culture- Parish developed the group OCEAN KINGS for like minded artists like Grizz Lé in early 2013. Seyclouds' later met brothers and artist's Ramaj Erocand Hona Costello, joining and performing around Los Angeles with Surreal Gang. Having an alternative rap sound Parish Seyclouds accomodates this generation's music scene well with his quick witted wordplay, top quality hooks, water like introductions and balanced production. Seyclouds' is exactly the breath of fresh air the industry needs. 

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